For those conscious of the way look and appear, scars come as an ugly remembrance of acne, mostly in its severe forms. It is not uncommon to see women and young girls going in for extensive and elaborate treatments to get rig of these infamous scars.

While the treatments such as chemical peels and commercial face packs are also quite successful, what is rather required is a regular application of home remedies for the treatment of these scars. One such preparation comes with a base of honey. One teaspoon of honey is mixed with one egg white and applied thickly over the face, to be washed off after seven to 10 minutes.

Another highly effective home remedy is to apply a scrub of oats or oven baked porridge onto your face, with a base of curd, to be scrubbed off gently after five to seven minutes. It is important that you also add limejuice to whichever pack possible, as it has a strong bleaching effect and can hence help in lightning the scars.

Highly effective home remedy

Experts agree on the point that acne is never a permanent problem, at least in terms of severity. However, what are more common are frequent episodes which might be short but are severe, often related to a typical cause or trigger.

Once you have experienced an episode of acne, you have various options to resort to. However, what is more important is to learn how to prevent getting these pimples in the future. The most important step you need to take is to stay away from dust. Never go to bed with your make-up on. It is crucial that you follow a daily regimen of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

For safest results, you must know your skin type and know exactly what suits your skin. If you happen to use the wrong category of products, then your skin can become all the more worse and acne can even turn chronic.


Today, the market throws up a volley of products to its consumers to choose from. So vast is the range that it becomes absolutely difficult to choose the right type of cosmetic for yourself. Knowledge has always been a tool. Hence, it is up to you to educate yourself about the various ingredients these cosmetics…